"Truly life changing".

"I booked this life coaching course to achieve a better work/life balance and hopefully lose some weight, I came away with so much more. Lynda is so down to earth, that you feel instantly at ease in her presences.

Lynda is extremely passionate about coaching and her positive outlook on life is infectious. The tools I have learnt have changed how I view myself, and my beliefs of how others view me. The small daily changes, and learning to listen to your inner self is mind blowing. I’ve lost over a stone in weight but more importantly, I’ve found me, and I know I am enough. What I thought were just dreams and now reachable goals, that are so achievable. Thank you for helping me find myself and me how to listen to that inner voice. I feel like so many more options are open to me now that I never knew existed.

This course is the greatest gift you can give yourself and with Lynda as your coach the results are priceless."

- Cathy Cleary

Hi, I’m Lynda

My goal as I have done with countless clients is to travel your amazing healing Journey with you. Taking you from where you are to where you want to be & for you to learn that you absolutely deserve this & so much more.

In my own life to the outside world, I was a successful strong independent woman, a high achiever who was outgoing & fun. When inside my internal world was filled with self-sabotage, low self-worth, self-limiting beliefs overwhelm & stress.

I have travelled the dark lonely path of addiction, trying to fill the void within. It was safer to rely on my friend in the fridge alcohol. My belief being I was never good enough.

I have slayed a dragon of eating disorder, that I had for many years with the believe this gave me control & if I could just be thinner, I would be confident, loveable & worthy.

I am free from the shame that trauma created in my system. That feeling of helplessness & thinking it will always feel like this. I have learned those things happened to me not because I was me & I deserved so much more.